TSM Group of Companies

Company History



The TSM Group holds a remarkable 25-year history and prides itself of providing the world with great movers and highly qualified professionals in the maritime industry since its beginnings. Over the years, it has built strong partnerships with different industry leaders. Its strong vision as a company enables it to move further ahead and go along with technological and business trends.

Established as TMS Shipping (Phils.), Inc., TSM Group was born out of a consortium with the Thome Group of Companies in Singapore. The partnership became a success—a powerful combination between a well-renowned Norwegian shipping tradition and the strong Asian business flair to excel.

The late 1980s was when the Philippines became the world’s manning capital, resulting in more demands for seafarers overseas. On its bid to address the demands for more seafarers, TSM Group braved the industry by starting with a five-manned office and only 10 accredited vessels in 1988. It soon experienced significant progress over the next two years. In 1990, TSM expanded its operations—from five employees, the company hired a total of 14 additional employees, and deployed 1,200 seafarers and transfer the office at the ground floor of Tuscan Building in Ayala, Makati.

The year 1992 became an even better year for TSM as it was sought by Jo Management AS Bergen to provide a crew of 250 seafarers to it’s 14 vessels. Because of the quick progress and business trademark that was established by TSM, it earned a recognition from the DOLE-POEA in 1993. And won the Top Performer Award for the year 1992 for its substantial role in overseas deployment for Filipino seafarers.

As the ship management industry in the country continued to grow, so did TSM Group. The year 1994 saw the launch of MST Marine Services Inc., which was set up to address the need for more seafarers to Thome Singapore’s technical managed vessels.

The following years had made the foundation of TSM Group even more solid. In 1995, TSM was awarded a certification of conformity to the Quality System Standard ISO 9002:1994 for its Crew Agency Services. Building a stronger partnership with Jo Management AS-Bergen, TSM established JO Tankers Philippines, Inc.

TSM experienced continuous expansion over the years, and to meet the increasing demand for space and more efficient facilities for it’s operations, TSM inaugurated it’s own building, the TSM House in 1996. This was also the year when the company was granted the highly coveted Certificate for Crew Manning Office by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Despite the economic crisis in the region, TSM has further strengthened it’s presence in the late 1990’s. TSM realigned it’s organizational structure in 1997 with all fully managed vessels of Thome Singapore being accredited to MST Marine Services , Inc., while the rest were kept by TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. This realignment increased the size and scope of TSM. Celebrating its decade-long existence in the industry proved to be a success, as it grew to ten-fold with 100 accredited vessels, 50 office employees and 2,200 deployed seafarers.

It’s outstanding business operations and high professional standards have made MST Marine Services, Inc. earn the DNV certification in 1999 for complying with the rules of Crew Manning Office.

More partnerships with global industry leaders have been formed. TSM Philippines established the Nordic Alliance with Denmark-based A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM, Norden AS also of Denmark and Norway’s Team Ship Management AS in 2000.

The following year, a new facility was built to serve as the training center for TSM Group of Companies with the completion of the MST House building.

As TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. has been consistently responding to the demands for overseas employment for Filipinos, the DOLE-POEA has given the company the Top Performer Award for 2002.

Stronger business relationships were established between TSM and A/S Dampskibsselskabet TORM with the establishment of TORM Shipping Phils., Inc. in 2004.

Although much has changed in the maritime industry since the year 2000, TSM remained unfaltering and did not stop improving its services, making it worthy for another ISO certification – the ISO 9001:2000, and recertification to DNV Rules for Crew Manning Office in 2005. MST Marine Services was also certified to 9001:2000 that same year.

A year after, TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. and MST Marine Services won the Top Performer Award for 2005 by the DOLE-POEA.

Throughout its history, TSM Group has always been focused on streamlining its operations and expanding its business scope. Being one of the sought-after ship management solutions provider, it saw the need for more enhanced facilities, therefore, opening its new six-storey building in 2007 where it now would house TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc., MST Marine Services Inc., and Jo Tankers Phils., Inc.

It’s 20th year in the industry signified the stronger progress in TSM Group’s business operations with 250 accredited vessels, over 160 office staff, and at least 6,700 deployed seafarers.

TSM Shipping (Phils.) Inc. and MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc. were re-certified to ISO 9001:2000 in 2008.

TSM Group is also committed to its corporate social responsibility initiatives, and in 2008, TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. became a member of the Philippine Business for Social Progress, the largest corporate-led, non-profit social development foundation in the Philippines. PBSP is at the forefront in the fight against poverty through trailblazing corporate citizenship programs developed and implemented

Extending its reach to more aspiring seafarers in the country, TSM set up an office in Iloilo City in 2009 as it also aims to further reinforce its recruitment and crewing operations.

In 2010, TSM inaugurated its 1753 Building that now serves as the office for Thome Ship Management Pte. Ltd.-Shared Services Center (SSC). The TSM Group of Companies has also welcomed Solvang Philippines to its team in that same year.

MST Marine Services (Phils.), Inc. again received the Top Performer Award for year 2009 from POEA.

TSM Group’s consistency in giving high-quality services has carried on as TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. and MST Marine Services, Inc. were again awarded a certification from the ISO, which was the ISO 9001:2008, and were also given a certification of conformity/compliance to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 in 2011.

Further expansion followed as TSM Shipping (Phils.), Inc. opened its new offices in Cebu in 2013.

TSM Group’s seafarers are hired onboard more on than 270 vessels of different types and sizes including VLCC, LNG, LPG, chemical and product tankers, crude oil and asphalt tankers, bulk carriers and offshore vessels.