TSM Group Sportsfest 2018

TSM Group had its annual Sportsfest last October 17-18, 2018. With the theme, “One Goal, One Team,” employees were given the chance to showcase their talents and skills with various sports and other physical activities that the 2-day event has offered including basketball, volleyball, bowling and swimming, among others.

TSM Group values the hard work and dedication of its people, and thus, it acknowledges the importance of building team spirit and camaraderie in the workplace.

As expected, the Bowling and Swimming competitions were able to tap the competitive side of the participants. Even the beginners were very determined to bowl a strike and to swim like a pro. In the same way, the women’s Volleyball competition did not fail to add spice to event – members of the participating teams did their best to achieve their goal and to put up a good fight.

Moreover, the men’s Basketball competition took the event to a whole new level. It was one of the biggest highlights of this year’s Sporstfest as it was participated by the company’s hardcourt heartthrobs. The White Team finished the game with flying colors with 84 points – taking home the 2018 champion title.


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